From Author John Chisholm comes an illustrated story in which math and science are the key to winning the day! A courageous young scientist races to save the world from an out of control math equation, but will his genius be enough?


A word from the Author

I started Integral as a sophomore at MIT in the 1970s and after many long years of developing this story, it's my pleasure to share it with you.

Beautiful illustrations
from Jean-François Robert


About the book

An out-of-control mathematical equation, taking on a life of its own and growing by the minute, threatens a nuclear holocaust. To save the world, a courageous young scientist and his dog brave blizzard and heights to discover and apply the insights of famed mathematician Wolfgang von Garbol. Along the way, they encounter a fatally beautiful, brilliant, mysterious woman. With its fast pacing, playful drawings, witty text, and geometric symmetry, this story will delight geeks of all ages.

44 pages, 19 full color illustrations, 8.5"x11"


Part I of Integral as read by author John Chisholm